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Leaking swimming pool repairs Swimming pool leak repairs RESINFIX have successfully repaired now a reasonable number of leaking swimming pools in the local areas from Doncaster to Wolverhampton. Our knowledge and experience has grown and we feel able to advise and offer a working solution. Where we believe other methods would be preferable we will always advise you of better solutions.

Many of the pools we have repaired tend to be new constructions where the detailing has not performed adequately. The result has been joint seals that do not work, poorly consolidated concrete particularly at low level, inadequate or poorly installed external bentonite membranes, weaknesses in the block work perimeter wall construction, poorly consolidated concrete around service entries into the pool such as lighting and skimmers. Occasionally pools crack and on larger public leisure pools, especially older ones they can suffer from movement within the structure causing leakage.

It is not a healthy idea to allow water to escape into the surrounding areas because that water is also a risk of re-entering the pool and contaminating the swimming pool. Stagnant water can pose all sorts of bacterial risks which need to be guarded against.

We have had situations where client has tried to reinstall their plastic liner and cannot install it because of water leaking from the ground back into the pool which causes the plastic liner to float. This is how they discover the leakages.

The result is that customers usually discover that the water levels are disappearing more rapidly than they expected. Sometimes this can be due to evaporation but many pools have recirculating systems especially in domestic houses. Simple tests can exclude this.

We have to have knowledge of the construction and then we can propose an injection system, where we will gradually reduce the leakage to make it minimal. Only full internal tanking would stop all leakage, however this can prove expensive and the disruption is quite huge.

There are many options with injection type sealing and we would make recommendations according to the client’s parameters. We look forward to your enquiries.