We were asked to deal with settlement where a garage had been extended. The old and the new had seperated causing brickwork cracking but also the floor had split and was allowing water to run down the garage door back inside . We repaired all the cracks in the floor and brickwork using stainless steel stitching rods and epoxy resin glue. The floor was levelled using specialist heavy duty mortars and the whole surface relaid just 5mm thick using a 40N/mm2 self smoothing mortar.
Epoxy flooring
RESINFIX were asked to repair a severely spalled concrete staircase joining the 1st floor flats of a private development. This involved recasting the underside of the main stringer support. Repair of supporting landing beam edges. Removal and replacement of the landing screed which was hollow and found to be leaking water through to the ceiling below. Injection of the junctions between the edge of the landing and supporting beams with a waterproof expanding sealer. Removal and replacement of the ceiling render. Cleaning and applying a clear sealer coat to all the concrete surfaces.
Repair of beam in progress being recast
Concrete repair to staircase
Emergency repairs to make safe an old concrete framed building in Birmingham Centre, reinstating previous repairs and generally repairing anything in danger of falling away onto anyone below. Here's an example of a repair just commenced and you will see that we take a belt and braces approach with no risk of our repair becoming detached. Touch wood none todate.
Repairing spalled concrete Rebar priming Concrete repair to column
We were asked at short notice to repair the roof over hand at a Junior school due to safety concerns during the school holiday. All completed. Customer says
Happy with the standard of works out at St Pauls. The lads on site have done a really neat job and everyone is happy."

Commercial kitchen floor restored at local hotel that was suffering from a previously applied resin coating that had become detached due to rising damp through a traditional hundreds of years old slab floor laid directly onto Earth. Resin coatings cannot breathe and cause moist year to rise to the surface forcing the old coating from the surface. This had caused balloons in the 4 mm original coating and we were asked to make good and isolated area. This involved some investigation and the old paving flags were discovered. Due to the extent of the work we could not reconstruct the whole floor but have applied a new 40 mm find flowable nonslip topping combined with a resin damp primer and a polyurethane hygienic coating. This will enable the kitchen to function and maintain its hygiene standards.

Resin floor repair Derbyshire
We have now completed the structural refurbishment of this 1935 balcony providing a new replacement structural floor and traditional asphalt covering.

Customer says "Asphalter’s have done a super job both with the floor and brickwork ensuring that the seal is hopefully not penetrable. I took a look last night but actually stood out on the balcony albeit not for very long this morning as it was a little chilly. Can’t wait for the summer to sit out and get some benefit from the furniture that I bought last year perhaps a little presumptuously.

Thank you again to you and your team for attention to detail."

Balcony repair derbyshire
Hi we are fast approaching Christmas trying to be the January weather and have now progressed with installing a structural steel base for this reconstructed concrete balcony. Hopefully next week the concrete will be in place so the client can put her Christmas lights around the new balcony. Merry Christmas to all of our customers and happy New Year.
Balcony repair staffordshire
Resin fix have been employed to restore the structure of an extended double garage in the Nottingham West Bridgford area. The garage had a extension which had settled differentially to the rest of the garage and started to become separate creating cracking in the walls and floor. Resin fix stitched the cracking both on the floor and walls, resin bonded the cracks to ensure they were effectively glued together and then repointed. Resin fix is next job is to re-level the garage floor.