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Concrete floor repairs


Factory floors to date often suffer problems with surfaces and at floor joints. These can affect and cause costly repairs to expensive forklift trucks especially the wheels.

Floor joints sometimes are repeatedly repaired due to floor slab movement . Resin repairs fail due to the slab movement even if an expansion joint is installed. The movement can be normal thermal expansion of the slabs but also rocking of the slabs often exacerbates the edge damage by the constant pounding of modern and heavy and VNA fork trucks. Old slabs are often not really designed for these modern operations.

Subsoils and hardcore can overtime settle with the constant slab vibration and then underslab voids are created particularly at expansion joints where the slab can actually minutely rock every single time the forklift travels across it. Then the joint edges start to wear and you know the rest.

Floor joint repairs;

Mechanical patented joint stabilisers quickly and easily installed along floor joints which lock the adjoining slabs together eliminating the constant floor slab pounding of the forklift trucks as they traffic the joint. This then means you have a longer lasting repair.
  • Heavy duty dowel bar installation where the above mechanical installation is not possible
  • Heavy Duty floor joint reconstruction using bespoke engineered arris joint formers.
  • Injection of polyurethane grouting of the soils below the slab edges to stabilise and fill any voids
  • Excavation at the floor joint to below the hardcore base and install a designed heavily dowel barred special formulated mix concrete replacement slab. From our experience this can provide a fail safe repair if you can cope with the aisle downtime.
  • Epoxy resin joint edge repair and re forming the floor joint.
Floor joint repair

Cracked floor repairs Cracked floor repairs

We repair potholes using resin or full depth repair
Smooth out rough surfaces
Level sunken floor slabs
Replace joints
Provide aisle markings
Apply epoxy floor coatings and self smoothing compounds
Resin non slip flooring