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Concrete Repair, Resin Injection, Blasting & Protective Coatings


Cracked and spalling concrete is frequently the result of low and poor quality concrete cover to the steel reinforcement. This combined with constant wetting and drying accelerates corrosion to the steel reinforcing bars . These then corrode and when the rust layers build up they push away the concrete over them causing cracks and areas to spall away. Over the years chemical processes such as "carbonation" and ingress of chlorides or "salts" in varying environments penetrate the pore structure of the concrete through to the reinforcement and create conditions for its corrosion. The quality of the original concrete is key to its resistance to these effects

Concrete can also be damaged by people driving forklifts into columns, or catching lorries on dock leveller loading bays. Concrete floors can lift and heave, causing cracking. Deicing salts invariably accelerate damage. Please see our list of concrete repairs services if you are experiencing any of these problems

Concrete Repairs and Grouting

Concrete Repair Services:

  • Concrete testing and surveys
  • Guaranteed concrete repairs to reinforced concrete
  • Blast cleaning and cleaning of concrete surfaces
  • Corrosion protection and rust conversion
  • Reinforcement replacement, repair and strengthening
  • Epoxy, hand applied fibre reinforced and flowable type repairs
  • Epoxy bonded carbon fibre sheet plating
  • Jointing using Polyurea, Polysulphide and Polyurethane sealants
  • Stone repairs using natural stone and repair mortars with lime repointing
  • Surface pore filling, fairing coats and surface improvement
  • Concrete and stone impregnation protection and strengthening
  • Colour matching
  • Resin injection of fine and wide cracks using pressure injection
  • Specialist cosmetic anti carbonation coatings
Concrete repair

The keys to a successful concrete repair are:

  • Establishing the cause
  • Structural stability of the concrete member and building or structure
  • Correct and thorough removal of contaminated concrete
  • Cleaning, protection and prevention of the reinforcement from further corrosion
  • Improving the existing reinforcement where necessary
  • Thorough cleaning of the substrate to allow a good bond
  • Proper placing of the materials using correct primers
  • Choosing the right materials
  • Correct shuttering and profiling
  • Proper curing and temperatures
  • Ongoing concrete surface protection
  • Aesthetics

Concrete repairs lintels Concrete repair beams Concrete repair columns

Balcony repairs