We have been repairing structural and cracked properties since 1996 and for many years working as an approved Helifix Installer and now we are Wykamol Approved, repairing hundreds of domestic and commercial properties through insurance companies, loss adjusters and directly, including using systems such as Thor Helical, Helifix, Twistfix. We also use traditional construction methods.

We work on stone and brick buildings and complete the whole restoration process from groundworks to rebuilding and finishings.
Brick stitching helifix
We support the charity SPAB, society for the protection of ancient buildings. We have a general interest in the preservation of historic buildings and building conservation.

Brick stitching and wall ties


  • Brick Stitching
  • Wall Ties
  • The creation of brick beams and lintel strengthening using brick stitching arrangements
  • Foundation bridging over weak or settled footings using brick reinforcement techniques
  • Installation of grip bar and dowels
  • We inject expanding structural foaming resin into voids and cracks within settled and properties to stabilise them
  • Installation of traditional structural ties and pattress plates
  • Drive in lateral joist ties
  • Traditional joist restraints using flat steel bar and bolted on wall plates
  • Sock anchors pumped with resin grouts where loose masonry is encountered
  • Bespoke manufactured lateral ties and restraints
  • We can also rebuild stone and masonry structures where associated with the settlement damage

Injection wall grouting
Injection grouting

We would always recommend following a Structural Engineers recommendations in preference to relying on contractors warranties.

In many instances the settlement is historic, not ongoing and will just need stabilising. In others the movement may be "live" and will need investigation and and the cause may need addressing. To do this really you need to employ your own qualified practising Structural Engineer, ideally a member of the Institute of Structural Engineers. Any recommendations we make as a contractor are not backed by professional indemnity insurance, however, an engineer or RICS building surveyor will carry this insurance which will provide liability insurance for the design proposals, calculations etc they give to their clients. This is by far the most valuable and secure approach you can take.

Note well that we may be able to attend to other associated repairs if you are local to us.

Masonry stitching cracked properties back together again.

Helical bar

Helical stitching bar originally patented by Helifix is now the industry standard for Brick Stitching. We also use Wykamol, Twistfix and Thor remedial brands in addition to standard stainless steel grade 304 ribbed reinforcement including traditional plates and straps as appropriate.
Brick stitching and crack bonding
We produce our own thixotropic tried and tested epoxy resin for crack bonding or "gluing" of fractures back together.
For larger more structural strength we can install grouted in grip bar embedded in diamond cored large diameter holes.


Brick stitching .
Helical, grip bar and rebar type stitching and lateral restraint installations.

Helifix installers
Structural repairs


Repairing cracks near corners and openings
Repairing bulging wall
Repair of bay windows
Repairing brick arch lintels
Reconnecting internal walls with external walls
Creating masonry beams
Creating or repairing flat arch lintels
Crack stitching
Overcoming foundation settlement
Resin crack bonding
Lateral restraint .. .. Resin crack bonding