RESINFIX have successfully completed repairing a crack property near Buxton using 6and 8 mm helical brick stitch in bar. The property was suffering from historic movement and over the years the cracks have been patchily repaired. RESINFIX proposed installing the Helifix type system using stainless steel brick stitching techniques combined with resin crack bonding of stepped open joints.

Over the years any cracks and developing the property will seasonally open and close and can even get bigger by this constant ratcheting up of the crack as debris collects within it. Therefore as soon as a crack appears in your property it is important to have it stabilised and prevented from this continual movement.
Helifix installers
We have repaired literally hundreds of properties for insurance companies, as an approved installer for Helifix over the years and have come to the conclusion that the majority of cracks simply need stitching and bonding. We then take as much care as possible to cosmetically hide the evidence of the installation for aesthetic reasons. In all the years of doing this work and touch wood we have never had reason to revisit previous repaired crack by ourselves.

We always recommend that clients with extensive cracking obtained a qualified structural engineers report to ensure that any underlying causes such as leaking drains, trees, watercourses, slopes, and structural problems within the property are dealt with properly.