Hi, I've just been to look to quite interesting property in Baslow, Derbyshire Peak District. The property has many historic cracks in it and the poor old vendor's have been told by overzealous mortgage surveyors that lots of serious work is required. I have been an invited by the estate agents and JA Surveying, independent building surveyor to have a look at the defects. JA surveying had already established that the cracking was generalised in many of the surrounding properties and this is due to underlying clay layers. It is not serious, it is more an inconvenience, however, cheap homebuyers reports unless carried out by experienced surveyors often give completely the wrong impression, with worrying consequences for the sellers.

Many properties founded on clay, flounder on these plastic soils, and they have to be found all over the country. Mostly, we find they are completely repairable at realistic costs using brick stitching methods found in Helifix or twistfix type systems.

Brick stitching Once a crack forms in a property the best thing to do is always to have it stitched and crack bonded. This will prevent further movement at the repair and prevents the damage from becoming much worse. Often cracks are left because owners do not see the importance of or have the knowledge of cracked stitching and do not realise the implications of leaving cracks to open a shut when founded on these clay soils.

The moral of the story is to get your cracks stitched, however painful, the costs! and well before it comes to moving on.
In the long run surveyors or engineers will always spot them when you try and sell your property.

The costs involved on normal properties usually range between £2000 and £5000 and that includes repointing larger areas to hide the installation. Plus VAT!!!