We have helped a property owner in Tilbury with a heaved cracked floor, concrete repairs and some brick stitching.
The cause of the cracking was not know fully before we arrived on the scene, however we discovered on excavating that the reinforcement within the floor had badly corroded. We felt this was probably due to sea and salt damage caused by flooding in the local area in the not too distant past as the corrosion was extensive. The raft the property was built on however was very substantial otherwise and all that was necessary was a localised repair to correct the damage. This then enabled the owners to sell the property. All work was overseen by a structural engineer. A previous company, who shall remain unnamed had attempted to inject the floor with slab lifting grout to level it but this had failed. Lifting any raft with slab lifting foam is almost impossible.

You can see our latest surveyor inspecting the damage, currently he is only paid in food!
However, he has his full safety harness on ;)
Structural property repairs