Defects Repair Services

.Leaking Structure Repairs by Resin Injection

  • Repair of leaking, cracked and porous underground structures
  • Swimming pool structural leak repairs
Crack & Void stabilisation and filling using Injection grouting
  • Under slab grouting using pfa and PU grouts
  • Machine and base plate resin grouting to stabilise machinery
Concrete Repairs
  • Concrete repairs & protection
  • Concrete repair recasting using flowable grouts
  • Resin injection of cracks
  • Facade refurbishment
Warehouse Concrete Floor Repairs
  • Warehouse potholed, worn and crack repairs
  • Warehouse floor coatings and self smoothing compounds
  • Warehouse floor joint repairs & joint stabilisation
  • Cosmetic crack repairs and resealing
Domestic & Commercial Property Repairs
  • Grouting of rubble wall voids and stabilisation
  • Subsidence and property crack repairs
  • Remedial wall ties & Lateral restraints installation
  • Property refurbishment
  • General structural repairs & maintenance

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