Commercial kitchen floor restored at local hotel that was suffering from a previously applied resin coating that had become detached due to rising damp through a traditional hundreds of years old slab floor laid directly onto Earth. Resin coatings cannot breathe and cause moist year to rise to the surface forcing the old coating from the surface. This had caused balloons in the 4 mm original coating and we were asked to make good and isolated area. This involved some investigation and the old paving flags were discovered. Due to the extent of the work we could not reconstruct the whole floor but have applied a new 40 mm find flowable nonslip topping combined with a resin damp primer and a polyurethane hygienic coating. This will enable the kitchen to function and maintain its hygiene standards.

Resin floor repair Derbyshire
We have now completed the structural refurbishment of this 1935 balcony providing a new replacement structural floor and traditional asphalt covering.

Customer says "Asphalter’s have done a super job both with the floor and brickwork ensuring that the seal is hopefully not penetrable. I took a look last night but actually stood out on the balcony albeit not for very long this morning as it was a little chilly. Can’t wait for the summer to sit out and get some benefit from the furniture that I bought last year perhaps a little presumptuously.

Thank you again to you and your team for attention to detail."

Balcony repair derbyshire
Hi we are fast approaching Christmas trying to be the January weather and have now progressed with installing a structural steel base for this reconstructed concrete balcony. Hopefully next week the concrete will be in place so the client can put her Christmas lights around the new balcony. Merry Christmas to all of our customers and happy New Year.
Balcony repair staffordshire
Resin fix have been employed to restore the structure of an extended double garage in the Nottingham West Bridgford area. The garage had a extension which had settled differentially to the rest of the garage and started to become separate creating cracking in the walls and floor. Resin fix stitched the cracking both on the floor and walls, resin bonded the cracks to ensure they were effectively glued together and then repointed. Resin fix is next job is to re-level the garage floor.
/concrete-repair-contractors RESINFIX have been employed to restore a 1935 balcony constructed by the owner which has lasted 80 years but is now needing structural renovation. The sporting steelwork was found to be virtually non-existent due to water penetration into the structure through the concrete surface. It is quite a common problem where there is no surface waterproofing and the drainage system also does not work properly. The water eventually saturates many parts of the structure and its starts to corrode internal reinforcement. RESINFIX’s job is to completely remove the balcony floor and reconstructed out including providing a new surface membrane. Additionally there are some concrete repairs to carry out to the balustrading. A great little project with some historical interest to the local people and we are endeavouring to ensure that the original character is maintained whilst improving and restoring integrity of the balcony.
Resinfix were appointed as the contractors to repair concrete lintels and sills and repoint areas of brickwork at our school. The affected areas were in a very poor state of repair and Resinfix completed the jobs to a very satisfactory level and were fantastic in communicating updates with the school. The work took 4 weeks and the majority was completed during term time. Resinfix were very flexible and sympathetic to school’s needs – planning their work with us to minimise disruption and keeping us fully informed throughout.

We will be using Resinfix again for any issues with our brickwork and concrete.

Mat Tarrant
School Business Manager

Concrete repair Nottingham
Resinfix have won an order to repair one of Nottingham primary and infant schools. Just a starter image of the extent of the concrete damage.
Concrete repairs lintels
Resinfix were asked to look at a problem with a recently built property that had water entering below ground leisure areas at the large detached property near Wolverhampton. The underground basement and swimming pool were half built under the house and half under the gardens. At the junction of the house water was pouring in quite fast when it rained. The work involved excavating the external patios to expose the wall junctions, injecting the gaps at the house wall with expanding leak sealing resin to seal around the supporting beams.Creating an external water dam in grout and reinforcement with tanking applied over externally. Internal injection to complete the seal. The work was designed insitu during the excavations and now the customers has their cinema and swimming pool areas back in use again after several attempts byother to rectify often making the situation worse.
The photos below show part of the supporting roof beam, the left hand picture has stalagtites from the leakages and the beam runs around 15 metres in length. The right hand image shows the junction now dry after extensive external work and resin injections.
Leaking swimming pools Leaking structures
Resinfix were asked to inject grout voids under an energy turbine base to ensure its bond to the underlying concrete structure. This was carried out by injecting and gravity feeding the grout into the hidden void through long drill holes driven externally. We then picked the correct resin to ensure full penetration. The void was injected from all sides under pressure to ensure 100% filling of the voids with an 80N/mm2 grout.
Resin injection voids