Resinfix were asked to inject grout voids under an energy turbine base to ensure its bond to the underlying concrete structure. This was carried out by injecting and gravity feeding the grout into the hidden void through long drill holes driven externally. We then picked the correct resin to ensure full penetration. The void was injected from all sides under pressure to ensure 100% filling of the voids with an 80N/mm2 grout.
Injection grouting
Resinfix were asked by a significant Public sector department to inject low viscosity resins into virtually inaccessible areas to create precautionary waterproof membranes between floors of this prestigious building in central London. The resin was injected using lances and cameras to monitor the work.
Central London waterproofing
We have helped a property owner in Tilbury with a heaved cracked floor, concrete repairs and some brick stitching.
The cause of the cracking was not know fully before we arrived on the scene, however we discovered on excavating that the reinforcement within the floor had badly corroded. We felt this was probably due to sea and salt damage caused by flooding in the local area in the not too distant past as the corrosion was extensive. The raft the property was built on however was very substantial otherwise and all that was necessary was a localised repair to correct the damage. This then enabled the owners to sell the property. All work was overseen by a structural engineer. A previous company, who shall remain unnamed had attempted to inject the floor with slab lifting grout to level it but this had failed. Lifting any raft with slab lifting foam is almost impossible.

You can see our latest surveyor inspecting the damage, currently he is only paid in food!
However, he has his full safety harness on ;)
Repairs to cracked floor slab

Investigate and sealing leaks in underground structure
Before.................................................................................... After
Leaking basement Leaking underground structure
We prepared for levelled this old floor with an epoxy cement levelling compound near Newark this week from feather edge to 10mm depth. It was very uneven and difficult for the owner to utilise with furniture different leg height!
Self smoothing floor repairs
Resin fix were asked to carry out repairs to wind turbine base that had recently been constructed due to some initial casting problems. These problems resulted in cracking in the base below the turbine. These cracks were superficial, and in the nonstructural part of the support to the wind turbine. However, the client needed to maintain the base for longevity and called us in to inject the cracks with epoxy resin. The support grout under the base was also replaced with a new high strength grout and the whole base waterproofed with a flexible cementitious special repair mortar of 4 mm thickness. All the materials are designed for quick and high strength. This would enable the Windmill to be reactivated much quicker and continue producing electricity it was designed to. It is unusual for this to happen, and no doubt maintenance of wind turbine bases will occur as with all mechanical structures maintenance is essential.
Wind turbine concrete repairs