Do you have a cracked leaking concrete basement, storage or holding or spillage tank, lift pit, subway, tunnel, manhole, car park, pipe ducts, joints, swimming pool, basement or other underground structure...we can help sort it out...we stop water fast using pressure injection, tanking systems and other techniques.

Leaking basement structure Resin injection grouting Pressure injection leak sealing


Pressure injection and grouting using flexible and rigid low viscosity resins.
Resin and sheet flexible joint seals.
Curtain enveloping of structures using resins.
Waterproof liquid and sheet membranes externally and internally applied.
Balcony and decking waterproof membranes.
Construction of waterproof structural barriers and upstands.

Hydrophobic and hydrophilic PU and Acrylic resin injection grouts are pressure injected into cracked and porous leaking concrete structures usually basement casting junctions such as joints, kickers and heavily congested reinforced concrete structures. It can also be used in concrete basements and even domestic block basements have been dealt with.

The resins are injected directly into the voids and source of the water leak and form a flexible resin plug. The resin grouts are very low viscosity and penetrate into the pore structure cracks and micro cracks..


Fast and slow leaks are stopped quickly.

The hydrophobic foam pouring out of the cracks in the picture (below) has reacted with the water. The foam at the surface is more expansive than when constrained within the structure because it has reached the open air and freely expands. Within the structure it is dense and creates a water phobic barrier.

Penetration of the resin mixes in the water source. Trapped water within the leaking structure is forced out and replaced by the resins. Also Hydrophilic resin absorb water and form a gel like substance which stays within the pores and cracks providing a long life seal.

The methods are well proven and used extensively on tunnels and infrastructure.


Hydrophobic materials can be injected into leaking swimming pool walls where stress has created fine cracking, allowing water to leak or seep out. Problems at drain outlets and inlets occur and construction joints. These leaks can create problems fitting new liners and are undesirable within the main structure.

Leak sealing by injection is carried out by injecting under pressure water reactive acrylic and polyurethane resins into the structure of the concrete penetrating cracks or pore holes. We drill injection portholes and install a variety of specialist and standard injection ports. Ground injection can also be carried out to create blanket curtains of resin and surround the structure or stabilise the soils. The method is slightly different and the resins modified to provide strength.

Every leak sealing project is different and success is often determined by the skill and expertise of the injection operative.


Leaking lift pit

PU leak sealing foam being injected into the walls of a lift pit particularly around the kicker location, work in progress sealing the pit. The water in the bottom is water being forced out of the structure as this is Day 1 of the job. Many lift pits are sealed within 1 or 2 days depending on the nature of the structures.







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